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Photo Gallery

Below are several projects that are completed to show various types of buildings that we do.  Please click one to open a new page that contains multiple different pictures of those projects.  Also, some of the pictures may be large in size to show detail, please be patient if the load time is longer than expected.


Skew Wall

Skew Wall with Conventional Material Finish Out

Large Crane

Large 4 Crane System Building With Offices

Aluminum Facility

Large Recycling Facility


Church Facility With Valley

Office Building

Government Office Facility

Large Church

Large Church with All Conventional Finish Out


Large Mini-storage Complex with Inside Storage


Church Under Construction

Construction Company

Construction Company

Shopping Complex

Strip Mall

Plant Store

Plant Store


Large Crane Building

Office Building

Office Building


Church Facility


Elementary School

House Hanger

House and Detached Airplane Hanger

Auto Shop

Conventional Construction Finish Out


Covered Parking and Walkway


Restaurant Add On

Dino Park

Dinosaur Park


Storage Building

Train Depot

Community Center

Large Community Center with Basket Ball Court





  • Quality is number one.
  • Panel Warranties available for all color and types of panels.
  • All Fasteners are long life.
  • Pre Engineered for YOUR location.